How We Got Here

Mermaid Mawmas is owned and operated by Mandy Huggins. Mandy has struggled her whole life with anxiety and depression and the lack of self care had led to some dark times. In saying that after giving birth to her beautiful son she went through a roller coaster of battling near death experiences while fighting severe postpartum anxiety. Feeling lost Mandy found her purpose again in creating Mermaid Mawmas with one of a kind handmade bath bombs, bath salts and soaps. Being able to turn her life around to be strong for the ones she loves most in life she realized that health and wellness begins within yourself. Promoting self awareness and care is essential for being successful in every aspect in life!  Being very knowledgeable in the holistic approach Mandy wishes to pass on this knowledge by spreading the word of her small business in the hopes of helping others around her! 

Our Mission and Vision 

Here at Mermaid Mawmas our mission and vision is to help you reduce stress and anxiety, by creating a calm and soothing environment. Our purpose is to increase your level of self care to assist you in being the best version of yourself from the inside out!



Fort Saskatchewan Hospital Labour and Delivery Department

In placing an order with Mermaid Mawmas Bath and Wellness, 10% of each purchase will be donated to the Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital Foundation where all donations will assist the labour and delivery department fund the necessities for newborns and new parents such as formula, swaddles, blankets etc. For more information on how to donate please contact us directly or see the link below to donate at https://fschf.ca

Coming Soon to our site: My family and I personal experience and why we chose to donate to this foundation.

Thank you so much for your love and support!